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Composer's Version

Act 1


  Act 2  
1. Overture / There Was A Man [ full ] mp3 12. Hold On mp3

 2. Just Say You Love Me

mp3 13. Willy! mp3
3. What's Worth Fighting For? mp3 14. Give Til It Hurts mp3
4. Until That Day mp3 15. A Man Left With Nothing mp3
5. Martha's Rebellion mp3 16. The Best Moment Of Your Life mp3
6. Missing You mp3 17. Anywhere But Alone mp3
7. I Have My Dreams mp3 18. How to say the words mp3
 8. Worst Moment Of My Life mp3 19. No Tomorrow mp3
 9. Dancing With Me mp3 20. When Innocence Dies mp3
10. Revenge... Avenge! mp3 21. String 'Em Up! mp3
11. Finding My Way Home mp3 22. No Tomorrow mp3
    23. There Was A Man Reprise [full] mp3

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Book by Paul Elliott

Music by
Jeanie Cunningham

Lyrics by
Elliott & Cunningham


Jeanie Cunningham

Piano: Eliot Douglass & Jeanie Cunningham

Arrangements & Orchestrations:
Les Hurdle

Jeanie Cunningham / "Martha's Rebellion"

Milton Nelson