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About Paul & Jeanie

Paul Elliott

A published playwright and the first MFA graduate in Theater from the State of North Carolina, Paul Elliott’s experience and credits include live theater, television, and film. 

Specializing in musical variety, Paul’s started his career as writer for such stars as Dolly Parton, Donny and Marie and Dick Van Dyke. Work in Europe and Japan quickly followed on several major projects.

Returning to the United States, he joined Disney Entertainment and it was during his tenure there that their first Broadway venture, “Beauty and the Beast” was developed under Conwell Worthington and Bob McTyre.  

Since that time Paul helped form and is now Creative Vice President of a boutique company catering to Fortune 500 companies and gaining a reputation for staging spectacular multi-million dollar press launches and stadium shows. 

Paul has always liked to think “big” and it has served him well in this industry. But live theater has always been his first love.  Dula is a perfect example of the epic scope of his vision. 





Book by Paul Elliott

Music by Jeanie Cunningham

Lyrics by Elliott & Cunningham











Jeanie "JaeCie" Cunningham

Take rhythm, rock and blues and add a splash of soul.  Somewhere in the mix, you'll find the music of "JaeCie".  Working on and offstage with such greats as Ike & Tina Turner, Lionel Ritchie and David Crosby, Jeanie also has written and recorded songs as a solo artist and as a commissioned songwriter for major corporations, (Toshiba, Microsoft, Epson…), as well as for the country of Aruba.  

With the release of 7 cds and 2 performance DVDs, Jeanie continues to move forward in her musical pursuits with the new musical, DULA, from the book by playwright Paul Elliott for which she wrote 23 songs.  Her take on writing the songs for Dula?  “ It was truly the most difficult musical challenge in my career so far and also the most rewarding;  it’s an incredibly painstaking process writing for characters, ‘in’ character while keeping an eye toward memorable melodies & lyrics and interfacing with the script and playwright...it’s a lot of work, but...I can’t wait to do it again!!”

Jeanie is also producing and starring in a TV show, “The Composers’ Corner”, where “we interview creators of music, dissect songs, explore new gadgets and techniques and give viewers a window into the world of music creation”.  The first 7 episodes received critical acclaim in her native Los Angeles, and Jeanie hopes that the next 7 episodes will reach a much wider audience through PBS.

More information on Jeanie's work and music can be found at Wikipedia


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