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Act 2 Tracks 12 - 17

12. Hold On


Think back on those sweet summer nights,
Making love in meadows, underneath moonlight,
Naked in water, we'd swim in the old pond and
Count shooting stars until dawn' 

Oh Willy, hold on!  Hold on!  I'll be here right by your side'
Oh Willy hold on!  Hold on! Don't think of leavin' tonite'
Don't let this be our "good-bye" 


Lookin' back on those times long ago,
When unbroken fevers, and broken bones,
Were healed by time and fervent prayers
When it seemed that the Lord wasn't there' 

So Willy hold on!  Hold on!  Mama is right by your side'
Oh Willy hold on!  Hold on!  Don't let this be our goodbye'\
Don't think of leavin' tonight'

Don't think of saying "good-bye"
Don't let this be our "good-bye"'.



13. Willy!

Oh GOD!  What's the use of living, what's the purpose?
Hey God!  What's the use of praying when you've cursed us??? 

There is no justice, no "divine grace"
That can exist among this poisonous human race' 

Hey "GOD"!  I hate to break it to you but you're worthless!!!
What "GOD"?!?  We beg for your help but you desert us!! 

Well if you had to take somebody, why not me?
Wherever Willy is, is where I ought to be'
Were it in my control, then I'd be first in line to trade souls, oh 

Willy!  How can you be gone?  This land here belongs to
My brother, my friend, oh God,
Willy!  Fate's got it wrong but this is the price that we paid' 

Ohhhhhhhh!  This is the price that we paid' 

For WHAT?!?  Fighting for a land that never prospers'

Oh God WHY?!?  Hiding from us is the best you've offered!' 

So tell me, where were you when the bullets fell?

Were you too busy sending innocence to hell?!?!

Well, to tell you the truth, I'll be living there too, "thanks" to YOU God!--

Willy!!!  How can you be gone?  Fate's got it wrong,

My brother, my friend, oh God,

Willy!!!  Your death was in vain, what's left is the pain

The heartache again, oh God,





14. Give Til It Hurts


This chicken once had no ears, and so the gentle fox gave it his'
Then word got out, without a doubt he'd part,
With whatever he had it was yours'
His eyes, his legs, then his fur'
He soon became beloved for his heart' 

When the old King Lion died,
The animals had to decide:
 Who to lead them, who they most preferred'
They chose the fox to be their King,
'Cuz his heart ruled everything'
He knew how to give 'til it hurts. 

'Cuz even though the fox was King,
He couldn't see or hear anything'
Sometimes too much giving takes away its worth!
There's a path to the divine, but you never cross that line,
Until you learn how to give 'til it hurts'



15. A Man Left With Nothing


I see how you look and I know what you think you see.
But you don't know the truth you
Don't know the half of me.
I used to be like you with my God and my smiles and my life,

 But that's, not who I am nor is it who I will ever be'
Not when I've lost my friends not, when I've lost family'
Who is this angry man? He's a man who's lost EVERYTHING, and

 A man left with nothing, learns to love no one.
A man left with no one to love, learns to love nothing.
A shell is all that's left of me, a shadow of the man I used to be,
A man left with nothing, and no one to love.

There's nothing left inside but' emptiness' 
It's like my heart's been tied then' cut from my chest'
But I don't feel a thing, because I'm more than numb with pain'

 It's hard to wake up knowing that each day will be the same,
An endless cycle of torture that will never change,
But if I have to suffer then others will feel the pain! 'Cuz   

A man left with nothing, learns to love no one.
A man left with no one to love, learns to love nothing.
A shell is all that's left of me, a shadow of the man I used to be,
A man left with nothing, and no one to love.
A man left with nothing, wants no one to love'



16. The Best Moment Of Your Life

I just thought that maybe if you'd go with me I wouldn't
look so stupid, or so out of place 

You go there all the time, the only difference now is that
it won't be her father you face'


          But what if I make a fool of myself, and say the wrong things'
What if I stand up and fall?

What if you don't?  What if you're worrying about all kinds of things
That might never happen at all? 

Were it not for this damn leg then I wouldn't be so cautious'

If it weren't for that it'd be something else'
You're always looking for a reason not to do something but this time,
It's something you must do yourself'

Oh c'mon Tom what are friends for?' 

They're for telling' you to get off of your butt and go after your girl!

It's easy for you to say but not so easy to do'

That may be true, or maybe it could be
The best moment of your life!
The moment you've been waiting for, is an open door'
Just step inside!  It could be
The best moment of your life! 

Or it could just lead to shame, or lead to pain'

Nothin' ventured, nothin' gained' 

May as well give it a try!



17. Anywhere But Alone

Another star, another light another day, another night,
Trapped in a circle I have sown'
Living a life that's not my own'
I would go anywhere but I don't want to go there alone'

An empty heart, an empty life, an empty man, an empty wife'
Far from the world I left behind'
Who could predict this change of mind?
I would go anywhere, I just don't want to go there alone' 

If I knew way back then, what I know now'
Would I do it again?  Would I have faith?  Could I believe,
That something greater is waiting for me?

 Another place, another time, another space, another life'
It's too impossible!!  If it were possible,
I would go anywhere, but I don't want to go there alone!

Beloved son, beloved child, it's been so long since I've seen you smile'
I know your soul aches to be free'
And you're not where you want to be'
Well if you're worried for me, don't.  I know how to go it "alone"'

 This land of ours don't hold the seed,
To happiness, or all that you need'
Go out and live life while you can!
Pull out your "list" and make your plans!
Please don't worry for me, son.  I know how to go it "alone"' 

The best that I can give you is the chance to explore each new day!
In pride I gave you life, and in pride, I give you away!


[MARY]                                                                  [ANNE MELTON]

Another place'                                                      Another place'

Another time'                                                       Another time'

Another space'                                                      Another space'

Another life'                                                Another life'

It's not impossible'                                       It's too impossible'

Anything's possible'                                       If it were possible


You can go anywhere' 

--But I don't want to go there alone'

Now that's a "but" that I can't help you with'

I would go anywhere, but I don't want to go there'



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Book by Paul Elliott

Music by Jeanie Cunningham

Lyrics by Cunningham and Elliott